I like purple anyway…


My name is Ericka. I am just a girl, did I say girl? I am an adult which I guess makes me a woman…yes a woman 🙂 Soon to be 30 I might add…..(excuse me as I have a  melt down)….

I am here to tell you that I have had my heart torn to pieces, been forced into uncomfortable situations and….oh yeah….I’m a virgin. Did I say virgin? That can’t be right because I’m the mother of my bi logical daughter, and oh yeah….a few years ago I came to realize I became addicted to sex and porn. Yep….I am putting it all out there!

So no, no I am not a virgin, but I have been abstinent now for 3 1/2 years. Yes….abstinent from….. sex. Am I insane?? I sure feel that way sometimes!

This blog will tell my story. My whole story. Like I said, my heart was broken, broken by the love of my life, currently being repaired by a savior, and I am a single momma with a 7 year old who I swear is the soul mate I always wished for. She’s 7 and yet obnoxiously responsible…talk about the yin to my yang, eh?

I’m here to tell you about how anything can be overcome. When my life collapsed, I chose life. This blog is dedicated to my on going journey regarding my faith and how truthfully challenging it can be staying “pure” in a tempting world as well as becoming positive in a negative world, and how trusting others is possible and not at all foolish. Despite all odds, these things, plus much more are entirely possible.

I have experienced the greatness of others and sadly have come to realize how ungrateful I really am. Talk about a reality check!

I will not hold back here- I’m laying it out. Why? Because you are not alone.

It’s all thanks to my relationship with Him. What are you thankful for?


Author: sheseemstoopuretobepink

Single momma, first grade drama, and Jesus.

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